Integrating Oracle Purchasing and Approvals Management Engine (AME) to streamline the requisition process.

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The company operates a fleet of 21,500 buses that provide year-round transportation services to nearly 600 US school districts. Two major challenges that impact the company's transportation operations are inclement weather and high vehicle mileage. Because passenger safety is their top priority, they must proactively maintain each vehicle.

A major aspect of the bus maintenance process is the procurement of spare parts and services in large quantities. Frequently, this has created scenarios where multiple requisitions must be approved simultaneously before being forwarded for procurement and fulfillment.

Solution Approach

Based on Job hierarchy and approval limits, ennVee implemented the Oracle AME Requisition Approval Process to Oracle EBS Purchasing within the customer's application architecture framework. This would optimize the AME capabilities by streamlining the entire Requisition process and approval workflows.

Building the integration between Oracle EBS and the requisition process would provide a single set of requisition data between both applications that the company can use to automatically generate approvals and notify the appropriate individual or department. The overall Requisition process involved multiple levels that were managed by customizing the approval workflow.

Solution Components:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12.x
  • Oracle Approval Management Engine (AME)
  • Workflow

Solution Process:

  1. Set up AME approval process by creating an approval hierarchy, approval groups, and rules
  2. Enable the AME setup by using Profile (AME: Installed)
  3. Set the Purchasing "Document types
    (select the Requisition Purchase Value)"
  4. Provide the Approval Transaction Type Value as PURCHASE_REQ at the Setup level
  5. Include the Custom Approval Process in Requisition Workflow

AME Requisition to EBS Solution Process Diagram:


Steps in Oracle EBS:

  • Setups needed to access the Collection Form

  • Set the Purchasing Document types (Requisition Purchase)

  • Provide the Approval Transaction Type Value as PURCHASE REQ at the Setup level

  • Set the profile option as YES for the profile below:

  • Profile option name1 -- AME:installed

Outcome and Business Benefits

The solution made the procurement process more agile and allowed requisitions to be cleared faster by:

  • Streamlining multiple hand-offs for approval with the automated workflow
  • Eliminating redundant data
  • Minimizing manual, time-intensive proposal generation
  • Maintaining consistent Requisition approval
  • Sending automated approval notifications with Requisition information to superiors

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