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    March 04, 2019
    3 MIN READ

    A student transportation services company transitioned a major portion of its business to an AR Dispute approval hierarchy process using Oracle AME.


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    The client operates and maintains a massive fleet of 21,000+ buses that services close to 600 schools districts nationwide. With a fleet of that size, the client needed an Oracle AME (Approvals Management Engine) based solution that integrates with their existing Oracle E-Business Suite system (R12.1.3). Based on the selected business model, ennVee was asked to provide a cost-effective, AME-based solution that integrates with the client's existing Oracle E-Business Suite ERP.

    Solution Components

    • Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12.1.3
    • Oracle Approval Management Engine (AME)
    • Workflow

    Solution Approach and Features

    • Implement AME (Credit Memo Approval Process) based on Job hierarchy and approval limits within the company's application architecture framework.
    • Build an integration that utilizes a single set of master product data between both applications, automatically generates approvals, and sends notifications to the right employee.
    • Provide a single solution for the entire Receivable Dispute process, from generating custom approvals, to allowing the client's customers to seamlessly submit disputed invoices, and generating approved credit memo invoices through a customized workflow.

    Solution Process

    1. Set up AME approval process by creating approval hierarchy, approval groups and rules
    2. Enable AME setup by using Profiles
      (AME: Installed, AR: Use Oracle Approvals Management in Credit Memo Workflow)
    3. Include the Custom Approval Process in Credit Memo Workflow
    4. Enable Oracle AME in the Receivable Process in Oracle EBS


    Steps in Oracle EBS

    • Setups needed to access the Collection Form
    • Set profile option as YES for the profile below:
      • Profile option name1: -- AME:installed
      • Profile option name2 -- AR: Use Oracle Approvals Management in Credit Memo Workflow

    Outcome and Future Benefits

    • Minimized manual, time-intensive proposal generation
    • Elimination of redundant data
    • Maintaining consistent credit memo invoice approval
    • Increased the effectiveness of managing customer disputes

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    White Paper

    Integrating Oracle AME (Credit Memo Approval) with Oracle EBS R12

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