Integrated POS solution with Financials

LS Nav is the integrated software solution for retail and hospitality industries along with the finance module developed by LS Retail. LS Nav is built on Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With LS Nav, retailers get a unified commerce platform that covers all their business needs and helps them manage their business process from the front of the store to the back office and financials.

LS Nav is a highly scalable software and flexible POS solution used by many retail companies and restaurants worldwide.

  • Comprises complete business process from head office to the storefront
  • Complete control across the channels (E-Commerce site, Mobile Loyalty App, Web POS, Mobile POS)


Major Features

A Point of Sales and Services

POS Services include advanced product search, sales tools like upselling & cross-selling to empower your staff (LS Recommend), support offers and promotions, support for multiple currencies and multiple tenders (cash, cards, vouchers), and powerful simple to set up and configure.

In-store management

Processes and operations – Provide support to manage your inventory by replenishment in-store as well as at head office. Replenishment types include automatic replenishment, manual replenishment, store stock redistribution, and store-based replenishment.

Inventory handling across the devices – You can create purchase orders, sales orders from mobile devices, and more operations, including stock receiving, shipping, and stock counting.

Modules in LS Nav


Product management

Product management includes – Item master creation by hierarchy, and variants master (size and color). Bulk upload of masters is available.

Pricing and offer management

Centralized control over prices, offers, and promotions – Easy to update the sales price through bulk upload, provision for creating more types of offers and promotions the same applied to the customers during checkout. Supported offers – Multibuy, total discount, tender type offers, line discount offers, mix and match offers, etc.

Other Benefits

  • LS BI: In-depth analysis tools for BI
  • LS Recommend: Personalized recommendations at POS based on customer sales history and basket items
  • LS Pay: Offers secure sales in-store and online
  • Supports loyalty across the channels (web and App) to increase retention with the loyalty apps and personalized marketing through it
  • The Omni-channel experience with LS Nav, web, mobile, and in-store commerce services are completely integrated

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