Capabilities of Oracle Niche Products


Oracle Sales & Operations Planning Cloud (S&OP)

Oracle S&OP product can address the above pain points and it provides

  • Can achieve the target revenue
  • Balancing Supply –Demand in a profitable manner
  • Advanced Analytics dashboard as per CXO’s view
  • Interoperability with Oracle Planning central

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud (OTM)

OTM cloud product can address the above pain points and it provides

  • Optimizing carrier rates
  • Give more inputs to operational planning
  • Holistic system for both domestic and international system
  • Dashboard view and give more granularity on transportation data

Oracle Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ Cloud)

Business Paint Points In QTO Process
  • Pricing errors in the quote
  • Improper or lack of quote/discount approval process Non-visibility of quote transition status
  • Non-visibility of quote transition status
  • A disconnection between configuration and quoting from a customer/dealer standpoint
  • Lack of up-to-date pricing
CPQ Capabilities
  • Seamless Integration between quote & order
  • Up-to-date pricing information
  • Customers can configure products while creating quotation
  • The enriched guided selling process
  • The efficient approval process with multiple rules with different combinations
  • Efficient analytics-driven dashboard for detail view which improves the entire sales process

Oracle EBS Advanced supply chain planning (ASCP) & Planning central cloud

Advantages of Implementing Oracle ASCP
  • Oracle EBS ASCP & Oracle Planning cloud offering constraint plan which will be more optimistic while fulfilling the demand
  • The planning engine will give recommendations after considering all the constraints
  • Can integrate with any ERP system as standalone through oracle data integrator (ODI)
  • The optimized plan is one of the capabilities which gives more preference to plans is high revenue demands
  • This plan aims to maximize plan profit and minimize the plan’s objective cost
  • Options to have a production plan (MPS), manufacturing plan (MRP), and available to promise (ATP plan)
  • Can interface with any type of Demand planning system like Demantra, Demand Solutions, SAP APO DP, jda, kinaxis, etc.,



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