How a global manufacturer streamlined B2B communication between its internal systems and trading partners for Sales orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders and advanced shipment transactions.

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Over time, a global manufacturer of data center equipment saw its operations expand to more than 112 countries. While this helped grow their customer base, it also increased the amount of time required to communicate key information between customers.

The manufacturer also needed to streamline communication between its customers and trading partners to satisfy its high frequency and volume of transactions. Ultimately, ennVee was brought in to build an integration solution between XML Gateway and Oracle E-Business Suite to enable business transactions to flow seamlessly across multiple systems.

Client Snapshot

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Business operations throughout 112 countries
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • 5,000 employees
  • 1+ billion (USD) annual revenue

Solution Components


  • Create a B2B integration between Oracle EBS and the customer trading partners’ standards-based approach for XML Gateway.
  • The XML integration-based solution would streamline communication between Oracle EBS and the customer trading partner, and be based on standard Inbound and Outbound XML data exchange through the Oracle XML Gateway.
  • Implement and streamline communication using a standard transaction inbound and outbound XML Gateway Map interface. This provides a generic framework for sending information as an outbound transaction or receiving information as an inbound transaction between trading partners and Oracle EBS for Sales orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders, and advanced shipments transactions.

Benefits of integrating XML Gateway with Oracle EBS

ennVee provided an end-to-end solution that effectively satisfied all of the client’s needs, while also producing a quantum jump in the effectiveness and efficiency of conducting business electronically between trading partners.

  • Swift optimization of corporate finance with E-Invoicing
  • Improved working capital and cost elasticity
  • Direct and indirect cost reductions
  • Eliminating redundant data re-entry into multiple systems
  • Minimizing manual and time-intensive proposal generation
  • Automated update of CRM system with ASN, Invoice, and Order information
  • Standardization of EDI/XML communication infrastructure

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Download white paper