JD Edwards Release 22 Overview and Updates

Oracle JD Edwards Release 22’s customer-driven enhancements help automate, optimize, and standardize Business Processes while using low-code, no-code paradigms to greatly reduce cost and effort.

Release 22 delivers solutions for process automation that allow users, devices, and the EnterpriseOne system to eliminate manual tasks. Streamlining data capture increases the value of your software investment, leading to enhanced visibility, actionable insights, and optimized operations.

Oracle JD Edwards Release 22's Enhancements Include:

Digital Transformation

  • Logic Extensions
  • Return Associated Descriptions for Data Requests
  • Files as Orchestrator Input and Output
  • Orchestrator Support for Media Objects
  • Add Current Environment as a System Value in Orchestrator
  • Bypass Warnings During Process Recording
  • Attachments to Messages for Media Objects
  • Orchestrator Support for Media Objects
  • Display Messages in Orchestrator Monitor
  • Workflow Studio Enhancements
  • Service-Only User
  • Zero Downtime Deployment for Applications
  • JD Edwards Update Manager for Applications
  • Offline Server Manager Monitoring and Notification
  • Automatic Kernel Reconnection
  • Health Check API for a Group of Interdependent Servers
  • AIS REST APIs to Discover Objects and Execute Business Functions
  • Enhanced Logging Capabilities for UBE
  • Simplified UBE Default Queue
  • New UBE job Status for Terminated Jobs
  • Configurable Application and UBE for Server Manager Health checks
  • Enhanced User Security Activity Tracking for Auditing

User Experience

  • Creating External Forms from EnterpriseOne Web Client
  • Launch Orchestrations from Composed EnterpriseOne Page
  • Form Extension Improvements
  • Pop-up Messages for Orchestrations Launched from the EnterpriseOne User Interface
  • Export EnterpriseOne Search Results to Microsoft Excel
  • Bypass UBE Printer Selection Screen

Platform & Infrastructure

  • Improved Business Continuity with Native Oracle Database Connection Management for On-Premise
  • Support for Oracle Autonomous Database on Shared Exadata Infrastructure
    Platform Certifications

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